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Visionary Media

Frequently Asked Questions

What does NFS Visuals do exactly?

We are a video production agency that provides custom video solutions to help businesses communicate & grow online. We concept, script, plan, produce, and edit these videos for you.

Do you offer photography services?

Yes, but we offer photography as part of our social media packages as well.

I have an idea for a project & I want your help to bring it to life!

Awesome! We’d love to chat with you to find out more about your idea & the reasoning behind it so we can make sure what we are producing is going to help you grow your business. Click here to schedule a time to chat with us.

What do you offer when you say you "implement" the videos into our business?

We help you share and use this video for its intended purposes. This generally involves us telling you where you should be posting which video and why, you will also receive multiple assets of videos so that it can be native to each platform.

How are you different from other videographers?

First of all we’re not just videographers, we’re video strategists – we discover the roadblocks that are stopping you from achieving your vision and create bespoke video solutions to break through them.

How much will my project cost?

There are a lot of different variables that come into consideration, Eg. how many locations , will someone be talking to the camera, how many final deliverables and so on. To be able to quote according to what it is you need we would need to jump on a phone call to discuss the details of the project. From here, we will provide a quote to within 2-3 business days.

Who chooses the music for my project?

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing the music for your project. The song choice effects the editing process, so we typically allow you pick the genre and then we would love for you to trust that we know what will work best. We only use professional, licensed music. This means your video can be used anywhere (except commercial television). If, however choosing the music is something that is important to you we are happy to let you browse through our subscription sites and share some songs with us.

Do you offer Social Media Management & Marketing?

Yes, we have partnered with HMJ Envision who are marketing experts and we would be would be happy to introduce you to them!

I’m looking for someone to work with every month to produce new content for my business, can you help?

We know that posting consistent high quality content on social media can become difficult if you were to do it yourself, so that’s why we have come up with monthly packages. We’re in it for the long haul – we partner with your business to develop not just long-lasting videos, but long-lasting relationships.

Have a question that we haven’t covered above? Get in touch!