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Visionary Media

We are Visionary

An independent video production agency obsessed with results.

Our goal from the start was to help brands grow through unique and powerful content.


As a passionate and motivated creative organisation we strive to work alongside businesses to achieve their potential. Through thorough research, experience and creativity we capture video and photo campaigns that stand out on all social media platforms. We make sure that you get the most out of your marketing campaigns and social media growth.


You have a dream, we will do everything we can to help you achieve it. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction and set aside the effort to become acquainted with your business and the character behind. In doing this we aspire to achieve your vision.


As technology evolves and more people are using social media every day, it is critical for any business to invest in content creation so that they can stand out from the crowd and their competition.

The video and photo assets produced by our team enable any businesses to get ahead in this social environment and express to a wider audience their core values and overall mission as a business.

About Us

Based out of Sydney Australia, NFS Visuals is a passionate and motivated creative organization striving to help local businesses reach their potential. Our team consists of young, outgoing individuals who are dedicated to their passion of media creation and strive to keep adapting and progressing as the market for content changes. With years of experience in a variety of industries and businesses, we have not only grown as a company but also as a team; with the work we do, the clients we work with and the overall services we provide.
We create videos that

Using the power of video you can


Content creation has the ability to ramp up your business’s consumer base online; saving you time and money in retrospect to growing through word of mouth. Therefore providing a great return on investment while saving you time.


Regardless of whether you sell an item or offer a service, these are the kinds of videos you would use to promote, advertise or sell the offerings at hand; therefore giving the consumer a direct visual into what you are selling to them.

Grow your business.

Video assets are vital in the process of building your business online; it provides a good brand image, creates a reputation online and enables direct visual access to the services or products that you offer. These video assets are extremely usefull to build connections, create a social consumer base and overall grow through an online presence.

Why choose Visionary Media?

A quick Google search for video services will show you an absolute flood of production options out there. What truly makes Visionary Media stand out from others is our end-to-end process, which is carefully tailored to make the entire production experience a collaborative, easy and enjoyable process.

Tell your story

With over 5 years of experience and a team of expert creatives, we understand what it takes to tell your story and bring your brand to life.

Connect with your audience

Developing a compelling narrative to support dynamic, rhythmic visuals, means our videos connect with your audience in a way that engages them with your brand for the entire story you want to tell.

Enjoy a simple process

We aim to provide a production process that is simple and straightforward for our clients. We will guide you through the process, every step of the way, from idea creation to providing all the on-set support you need, to the final video edits, to ensure you receive a video product that exceeds all expectations.

Achieve long-term goals

We recognise that brands evolve over time. Whether you want a ‘timeless classic’ or you’re in need of regular updates + refreshers, we will work with and adapt to the changing demands of your brand as it seeks to maintain its strong connection with your key target audience in a marketplace filled with distraction.


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To have a chat with one of our creative producers, and for a customised quote for your needs, get in touch!